Atlantas Summer School 2024

Atlantas Summer School has been operating for 8 consecutive years and is one of the largest summer schools in Paphos.

The summer school starts after the end of the school year, June 25 to August 9 (7 weeks) from 7:30 am – 1:00 pm.

The children who participate are taught a variety of activities and sports by professional trainers, in collaboration with many sports clubs of our city . Also our summer school’s students participate  in excursions and educational visits.

Our goal is to offer to  the children an unforgettable summer, rich in sports, games, excursions, new activities, and new friendships. We encourage them to break free from the screens and mobile phones, with safety always our top priority, offering a carefree but always safe summer experience.

The summer school is under the auspices of our Sports Club, which is registered with the Cyprus Sports Association  and is also a permanent member of the Cyprus Basketball Association  and other Federations (football, climbing).

Some of the activities that take place at the summer school:

  • Basketball – football – volleyball – handball – swimming – sea – hockey – chess – Tae kwon do – creative games – archery – introduction to musical instruments – martial arts – break dance – dance music and movement – Talent show – psychomotor games with rackets balloons, parachutes – theater play – baby yoga – zumba – aerobic kids – constructions – tennis – collaboration sportivo facilities for extra fun – movie time – excursions – painting – indoor tournaments – ping pong – golf – survivor games

How does the Summer School work?

  • The children are divided into groups according to their age and each age group has a specific program. The daily program is similar to the school program with breaks in between.
  • The extracurricular activities are carried out with the group’s bus or with a chartered bus.
  • The program has some basic activities that we have seen that the children really like, such as football, basketball, handball and from there we strengthen the program with the rest of the activities that are mainly done in collaboration with specialists of each sport.
  • Swimming takes place in the Municipal Swimming Pool by specialized trainers in small groups without being compulsory.
  • This year we will further enhance the children’s activities with one excursion a week, so that the children have an even more enjoyable time at the summer school.

Who can participate

All children born from 2011 – 2018 can participate, who want to have fun, learn new sports and activities, make new friends and spend their summer holidays happily full of beautiful moments and lots of play!!!


– 60€ / 1 WEEK
– 110€ / 2 WEEKS
– 160€ / 3 WEEKS
– 210€ / 4 WEEKS
– 260€ / 5 WEEKS
– 300€ / 6 WEEKS
– 340€ / 7 WEEKS

  • For some of our excursions and activities an extra participation fee may be applied


In order to reserve your participation at our Summer School a prepayment of the first week is required before 30/05/2024

Dates and information

  • June 25 to August 9 (7 weeks) – opening hours 7.15 am – 1.15 pm
  • Online registration ONLY through our website
  • Information: 97871990

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